God Provides a Shield


Another thing we learn about vision is that God provides a shield for us and for our vision, and sometimes through the vision. Genesis 15:1 says, “After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, ‘Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; Your reward shall be very great.’” Abram had just dealt with kings who had kidnapped his nephew, Lot, and Abram was able to defeat the kings and rescue his nephew. After this, the king of Sodom wanted to make a deal with Abram by asking for the people that had been taken and he promised to give Abram all the spoils of the war including money and all the goods that had been confiscated. However, the priest, Melchizedek, had placed a blessing upon Abram, and Abram made a promise to God, not to take anything from the king. In this way, God would receive the glory for all the blessings and wealth Abram would receive. God told Abram that He would be a shield to Abram and Abram would be greatly rewarded.

When we look to God and follow the vision He has placed within us, He will bless us. He will also place a shield around us and our vision as a means of protecting us against the fiery darts of the enemy. Satan, our enemy, would like nothing more than to see us defeated. He would like to see us fail in accomplishing the tasks put before us. He would like to see us fail in achieving the vision that would give honor and glory to God. Satan wants to rob God of the glory that is due Him when we succeed in accomplishing those things that God has placed in our hearts.

God’s protection of a shield not only covers our vision, but it also surrounds us. Whether it be protection over physical things, emotional trauma, or circumstances, God places a shield around us to bring forth the plans, the visions, and the dreams He has destined for us and He rewards us for being faithful.

In Abram’s case, God says that He is a shield to Abram and promises a reward. Abram tells God that he has no offspring, God makes a covenant with Abram and promises to give him a son. (Genesis 15:1-18) When we honor God by staying true to our promises to Him, He will be faithful to honor and grant our requests. When God is a shield around us and the vision He has laid upon our hearts, God not only receives the glory for the vision coming to fruition but others will see, that through our faithfulness and obedience to God, we are blessed by Him; this also brings honor to God. Blessings are always a result of obedience and faithfulness to God.

God places that vision in our hearts and His desire is to see the vision completed so that He will receive the glory and unbelievers will see how He works in our lives. As we reach goal after goal in completing the vision, it causes others to see God’s handiwork in us, and they will reflect upon how God helps us, how He protects us, and how He guides us. They then will desire to know more about God, why and how He loves us and gives us blessings. We become that light to draw others to God as they see our testimony of God’s faithfulness lived out before them.

I am so grateful for the shield placed around me by my loving, Heavenly Father. His faithfulness to me brings me joy unspeakable and full of glory. (I Peter 1:8)

God’s Provision for Your Vision

As we continue looking at the vision God has placed in our hearts, today we want to look at God’s provision for our vision. When God places a vision in us, He provides a way for that vision to be accomplished. One example of this is found in Exodus 36:5. God has asked the people to build a tabernacle for Him. Moses relayed to the children of Israel that God commanded that an offering to be taken up to build the tabernacle. In our Scripture today, we see the result. “And they said to Moses, “The people are bringing much more than enough for the construction work which the Lord commanded us to perform.” (NASB) The workers were receiving much more than was needed and they asked Moses to tell the people to stop bringing their gifts. God provided the needed resources, financial and material, to complete the task.

Provision is often thought of in terms of money, but that isn’t always the way God provides for us. Sometimes He provides the opportunity to step out in faith to do what He has placed in our hearts. Sometimes He provides the inspiration, or maybe a little push in the direction He wants us to go to take that first step.

For me, my vision is to reach people for Jesus. Writing a blog wasn’t something I had ever thought about until a pastor prophesied over me that I would reach many people with my writing. I started to journal for myself. No one else saw what I wrote, it was between me and God. Then a friend of mine suggested I start a blog. I didn’t know the first thing about it. I met someone who had a blog and I saw what he wrote and how it worked, and God put a spark in my heart that this was the direction He wanted me to go. He provided me the motivation to take that first step. One of my friends had a blog on WordPress, and I looked at their format and decided to use WordPress for my blog. Not long after that, I began to see posts all over the place for Bible Journaling. At first, I was unsure about using art in my Bible to express what God was saying, but then I began to see that using Bible Journaling was another tool to reach people for Christ. I began to incorporate the Journaling entries in with my blog and at this point, my blog page has garnered about 40 viewers just from WordPress alone. I have another 200 or so from Facebook that read my blog. I know it is a small beginning, but I am not discouraged. The Bible says not to despise small beginnings. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zechariah 4:10 NLT) We need to start somewhere, and humble beginnings can bring great harvest if we allow it to happen.

God also provides people, as in the case of our verse today. The congregation needed to step up and give their money, material, time, talents, and other resources to complete the tabernacle. Sometimes we need others to assist us in accomplishing our vision. Maybe our vision is a business, workers are needed when the business begins to expand, and God will bring them to us so that the business will succeed.

God provides a platform and opportunity for us to complete the vision, as in my case. He also will provide ideas to help us move forward in accomplishing the vision. Whatever is needed for us to be successful in making the vision come to completion, God will provide for us. One name of God is Jehovah Jireh, The Lord will provide! Today, as we look to God for our vision, ask Him to provide what is needed to accomplish that vision.